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Jeremiah Ronald Unrau Johnston's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

With heavy hearts, we announce the sudden passing of our beloved baby boy Jeremiah Ronald Unrau Johnston at the tender age of 11 weeks old on October 3 2019. He was born on July 17 at 4:38pm and we loved him unconditionally for the short time he was with us. Jeremiah touched the lives of everyone he encountered, and his brief time on this earth was a gift that will live on through the hearts of everyone who loved him. Jeremiah had been through so much in his very short life but he was strong and fought like crazy until he could fight no more. You are our world and always will be no matter what my baby boy. Rest in peace and one day we will meet again. It is never goodbye but always see you later. We love you so very much my boy always and forever papa, grandpa and all of your other family up there will take good care of you. Jeremiah is survived by his parents Teagan Unrau and Josh Johnston and grandparents Loretta Johnston, Kevin Westgate (Viktoria), Chantal Trizpit (Casey); great grandparents Gran Ida, Nana Peg, Grandma Marlene, and Grandma Verly his Aunts and Uncles; Auntie Lauren (Brandon); Auntie Kayla (Mark); Uncle Jesse, Uncle Zachary, Auntie Kristin (Chris), Auntie Kayla, Auntie Brittany (Maraiah), Auntie Elizabeth and so many great aunts, uncles and cousins and other extended family members.

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